CWE – Alphabet Sentencing




Greetings fellow readers!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Now I hate to inundate anyone with a constant barrage of posts, but this is plain ridonkulous. I’ll make the excuse that buying a first house and writing a third book really take time away from writing, but alas, they are just excuses.

For this exercise I found a prompt that seemed particularly challenging: Create a short story that is 26 sentences long, each sentence beginning with the next letter of the alphabet.



All her life she was looked at differently. Be it the color of her hair, or the way her tentacles were shorter than everyone else’s. Contrary to popular belief, however, she was a late bloomer. Dawn’s mother told her that on a regular basis. Everyone around Dawn was fully grown, or at least looked it, and it made her scared to go out in public. Fully aware that life still had to go own, she mustered her courage and got dressed, ready to take on the day. Going outside was always the hardest part. How much longer could she handle the stares and quiet whispers behind her back was something that plagued her everyday. Interesting enough, though, today was different. Judging from the lack of people outside her home and on the street, dawn felt she might actually have a self-conscious free day. Kicking the ground as she walked, trying to keep from drawing attention to herself, Dawn shuffled as fast as she could to her school. Laughter filled her ears and she looked across the street to see her classmates waiting for the bus. Morbid fear gripped Dawn’s stomach as she looked both ways before crossing the street. Never had she gotten on the bus without someone making a comment about her looks or the way she walked and she was hoping that today would be different. Opening the door to the bus, she took a breath and waited for the barrage of insults. Perhaps, finally, today was going to be different. Quelling her fears, Dawn look around and realized no one was paying her any attention. Reaching for the first seat and planting down in it, she looked around to see that everyone was preoccupied with someone else. Seated a few rows back was a new kid. Trying to avoid all the jeers of the others, this student looked scared and alone. Understanding that this was her just yesterday, Dawn made a conscious decision to not sit idly by while the new kid suffered the slings and arrows from the mouths of these infantile bullies. Vivaciously and with purpose, Dawn stood back up and made her way to the new kid. “Welcome,” Dawn said. “Xenophobic bunch we got here, eh?”

Yes, I believe so, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.”

Ziegroy is my name, so why don’t you sit down and tell me all about yourself?”