Red Pyramid


Finished The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (of Percy Jackson fame) and it was a rather good read.  I felt it was written more maturly than Percy Jackson with less of him attempting to use ‘youngster’ vernacular.  I particularly enjoyed the way that the story was told by two different people.  It kept my attention as did the content which was based on Egytpian mythology as opposed to Greek/Roman.  You may chortle at the fact that I read teen fiction, but as I have learned the more you read, the more you learn (about writing styles, topics, and do’s n dont’s).  Also, Harry Potter is teen fiction, so my reading is sorta validated.

Just started The Lost Hero by said author and it seems that even though it is written in the Percy Jackson continuum, it has more of the maturity from The Red Pyramid.  I will not lie, I’m rather looking forward to finishing this, and as many know, Im sure i’ll be done in about a week.