Chris Traister is an avid reader, writer, and life liver. Not that his liver is full of life, allowing him the ability to consume mass quantities of alcohol without pain, but that he likes to live….well, i’m sure you get the point.

There isn’t a food too taboo, or a movie too lame that Chris won’t experience, and when he isn’t screaming at the hockey game on TV (much to the fright of his wife), he is jotting down ideas in the multiple little booklets hidden around his home and person.

When Chris grows up he wants to get paid to write in a creative industry such as Advertising or novelling. He likes to make up words and truly and fully believes that a word doesn’t exist until it’s made up, so no matter what anyone tells you, if you’ve said a wondertastical word and someone complains that it isn’t real, just tell them that they are wrong.

Chris is also a nerd. A geek that has no qualms debating comics, movies, sci-fi, or dragons. but don’t let your guard down, for his rapier wit and charm will disarm even the strongest of foes.


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