Creative Writing Exercise = You are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day.




My perfect day involves me waking up in complete weightlessness. Floating around until I am facing the side window of the shuttle, waiting to see the Sun creeping from behind the Earth to greet me in all its glory. I’d eat an MRE (all of the bacon and eggs) for breakfast and wash it down with some watermelon tang. My perfect day continues in utter quiet and relaxation.

Until the alarm sounds on my audio receiver, sending a cacophonous screech through the cabin. NASA has informed me of an asteroid heading to Earth and I’m the only one who has any chance of stopping it. I swim frantically to my captains chair and strap myself in, firing the ignition thrusters until I slowly orbit around into the path of the asteroid. I glare at the massive shape looming in front of me. It looks like polished rock and the sun glints off it, casting rays of light into my eyes and blinding me for milliseconds. I stare at the hunk of debris sitting stationary in front of me, with no plan whatsoever on how I’m going to stop it. And that’s when I get hit in the gut with a startling realization: The asteroid has stopped moving. completely. I hit the outer lights to the shuttle and effortlessly creep around the rock, trying to examine what’s going on. I slowly venture to the other side and immediately do a spit take (which is really hard to do in zero gravity). There were exhaust ports staring back at me.

This wasn’t an asteroid. It was a ship.

My perfect day had just begun.

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