The apple has hit my head, the lightening has struck my brain, the bulb has exploded in a shower of electrical light fantastic.

The idea for my children’s picture book has started to come to fruition. Now I must give credit to my wife for helping me on the way to this discovery, and by helping I mean she was the one who blurted out the idea when we were talking; unintentionally brainstorming.

Of course I won’t place it here, as I will guard the idea like it’s my precious, only to unveil it when I feel it is worthy to see the light of day…or should I say moon.

In other thoughts, I think it’s time to get a small device that would be conducive for writing. I have a Mac Book Pro, but it is heavy to carry around all the time for when inspiration hits. My kindle doesn’t have a keyboard, and the few times I’ve tried writing with it, I spent more time fixing the auto correct than writing. I need something that can keep up with my word vomit, but not weigh me down. I like the new Surface by windows because of it’s attachable keyboard, but I’m also contemplating a netbook. I think I’ll see which is smaller and go from there, which is probably not something most people hear everyday.



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