When will QR codes go the way of the dodo?


I just got an iphone 4s. Seeing as I had been using a 3gs since its inception, you can imagine my wonderment at the upgrades and overall speedyness of the new phone. It was like switching from a 3 wheeler to a ferarri. One of the many upgrades to the phone was a camera. Now, being a manly male, I don’t take many pictures, but being a future Advertiser,  I do enjoy snapping pics of fun ideas that come along in my adventures. I do not enjoy, however, using that camera on the often duplicated QR code.

Any marketer reading this just did a spit take.

When it takes less time to log onto a website than it does to download QR reading apps and then take a picture and then get directed to a website,  how effective can it really be?

How can I take a picture of a QR code when I’m cruising down the highway at unsafe speeds (hell, even at moderately safe speeds)?

“But, Chris, it’s free advertising to drive consumers to our website.” Which means you don’t pay someone to come up with the code,  you don’t pay someone to code the code and you don’t pay anyone to put that code on a billboard or a magazine or a banner ad.

It’s time for ad people and marketers to realize that free isn’t always better. The QR was fun for a time and it made everyone think that advertising was cutting edge, but now it is quickly becoming an archaic nuisance.

So let’s do away with the QR code and designate that new found time towards other, more productive creative endeavours,  like, I don’t know, dreamvertising.


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