Advertising trend that needs to stop.


I’ve realized that I talk a ton of Advertising, but rarely do I write about it. Which, in itself it kind of ironic, seeing as how I want to write Ads for a living. One thing, however,  that I don’t want to write about is the “use all the technology in one commercial” trend.  Now, I’m sure you are wondering what the hell I’m referring to? It’s the trend that commercials use to show that you can use any amount of technology to reach their website.  This is the trend that is most likely perpetrated by upper management of the companies in order to seem hip and cool. “Hey, why don’t we have several people using things like their phones and tablets and even computers to show how easily accessible we are?” Cue the pats on backs and promotions.  Here is the problem with that:  It’s beating a dead horse. The horse has died, and yet, someone keeps hitting it. Dead. Done. The chances are that the target market knows more about phones and tablets than all of the executives combined. They know that if you have a website they can access it with just anything that has a wifi connection. They know that you are out there, and the REAL problem lies in the fact that you aren’t interesting enough. You could show people logging on with a holographic eye glasses, and it wouldn’t matter. Let’s get better messages across instead of axiomatic ways to be “cool.”  When this happens, when you truly start stepping outside of the line and really listening to what your target market wants instead of assuming, the ROI on that would blow your mind.  You may end up having a brand after all, and a trend that others want to emulate.

Food junkie


I realized that I’m addicted to good food.  To new food. To food that tantalizes the senses and plays with the mind, that takes you to far off places only imagined in dreams and blasts you into the past threatening to keep you there forever.

That euphoric, terrifying feeling you get right before you try something new, not knowing whether or not it will alter the course of your future or send your mouth to the napkin faster than a sneeze in Spring.

I get a rush of adrenaline when I hear about new hole in the walls, or when a new crazy item is attached to a menu.  I become a mad scientist in the kitchen trying desperately to make pineapple work with ribs (add jalapeno) or how to make deviled eggs become heavenly (use hollandaise instead of mayo).

My name is Chris, and I’m a foodaholic.

And I live for this.