The selfish liar that I am.


I failed already! I missed a week. Granted I can throw excuses around like “my best friend was getting married,” or “I was too busy writing a speech,” or “No officer I only had one drink, I swear.”

I think I realized that the job I’m in affords me ample time and opportunity to really get my creative on.  While I work on mundane tasks, my mind is free to wander and really come up with some good stuff.  I’ll be implementing this theory this week and see what I come up with next.

I think my next client to make some ADs for will be Revolver Brewery. They are a new craft brewery that I had the honor of visiting a few months ago. I really enjoyed the company, the message, and of course the beer. As soon as I get something showable, I’ll post it to the portfolio.

The idea of a children’s book involving the Tickle Zombie is still percolating in my mind. I should do some free writing when I get the chance and see where it takes me.




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