Deadlines and book ideas


It says it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve written anything on this bloggy thingy, and it makes me sick to my stomach.  How am I supposed to call myself a writer if I don’t write on a constant basis.  TODAY IS A NEW DAY. At least once a week, I will start writing about anything and everything that comes to my mind. I just need to get something out there to keep my inner pencil sharp.

I’m realizing I need to be best friends with an artist.  I’ve got too many awesome ideas that are being sidelined because of lack of talent on my part. Then again maybe that just means I need to simplify my thoughts and concepts.

Speaking of ideas, ive got two book ones already in motion. Thanks to another talented writer, hopefully in a month or so when things settle down, we can pull the trigger an really get some drafts going.  Although it’s not my fabled children’s book, I’m still pretty stoked about them.


Next week, I’ll try to have a theme. It wont just be some garbled boo-hooery about how lame I’m being.


Until then!