Dark Knight observations


SPOILER ALERT!  (for anyone who actually hasn’t seen the movie)


So, this is apparently my first movie blog.

The Dark Knight gets better every time I see it. It’s a long movie that never seems long and i love it for it.

Also, I know Aaron Eckhart said that Two Face was dead, but seeing as how the Joker is “locked up in a padded cell for eternity” I have a feeling (possible hope) that Two Face will return and here is why:

Batman survived the fall.  How is it that Dent did not?  I find it hard to believe that Batman AND the thug he threw from the same height earlier in the movie would survive a fall like that, but he didn’t.  I hear this a lot in the “he is totally dead” argument that the city had a memorial for him.  True.  They had a memorial for Harvey Dent, NOT Two Face, and seeing as how they are a slit personality, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe that he could come back.

I say all of this because Two Face was one of my favorite characters in the movie who got so little screen time.  I feel he got royally screwed on an entire story arc that would have blown our mind holes.

Again, this is all conjecture, but as long as I have an imagination and until The Dark Knight Rises hits theatres, I can still have hope.

Until next time.